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			oh-holidays.com guarantees you the lowest prices for all the hotels advertised on its pages.<br /><br />Don't worry when booking with us - you get the lowest prices for any hotel advertised on the page <a href=www.oh-holidays.com and so can be sure you`ve made the right choice. All our prices are guaranteed the lowest prices available at the moment for the chosen hotel.
If contrary to our expectations you find a lower price within 24 hours for the same accommodation and the same board type we will refund you the more than the difference!

And how does the low price guarantee work? Very easy! Having booked your hotel through our page www.oh-holidays.com, should you find the same accommodation for the same dates, board type and room type offered at a lower price within 24 hours after you have made your reservation we will refund you the balance plus one Euro more! To get your refund you only have to contact us with proof of the lower price that you have uncovered. We will refund you the balance within 10 days of your booking being confirmed.

Please find the detailed conditions regarding the lowest price guarantee for our accommodation listed within our general terms and conditions.

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